Below is one of the most epic, encompassing, all-inclusive prayers you’ll ever hear. It is extremely personal and important to my entire Alinea family. I think we all have it etched in our memories forever.

Please enjoy, and channel Lola Betty every time you read it 🙂


Photo Above: The Alinea family (Juan clan) with Lola Betty (in the middle)

“Lola’s Prayer”

By: Beatriz R. Alinea

Almighty God, we ask your blessing in us all, as we gather to celebrate _________ (e.g. Thanksgiving, Christmas, B-day, gathering).

Lord, we lift up all our hearts and our voices to you in praise and in thanksgiving for the gift of your love and for the precious gift of life.

Lord, we thank you for being with us in good times or in bad.

Thank you Lord for being where we are today, for the many good things you surround us with and for the loving care on every side.

Thank you Lord for blessing all our endeavors, for protecting us in all harm and danger and for good health of body and mind.

For all our successes in our lives, we thank you Lord because they increase our confidence. And we also thank you Lord for all the disappointments and failures and all the ups and downs, for all the trials and tribulations because they increase our humility.

Lord, help us all come close to you every moment of our lives and keep the spirit of love, peace and happiness in our families.

And Lord we beseech you give us all the courage and perseverance to meet all our daily challenges.

And Lord we pray, help us all live as one big and happy family, united in love and respect for one another.

We thank you Lord for all the blessings and graces and all that you have done for us.

Thank you Lord for everything.