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Magical, meaningful moments



Make it Mariko (pronounced mah-ri-ko) is a Bay Area event production company focused on creating magical, meaningful, and unforgettable moments.

Moments that make you feel, make you cry, make you laugh, give you perspective on life; moments that you’ll remember forever. We focus on weddings, nonprofit & arts events in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Gina Mariko Rosales | Founder & Owner

Where were you born? Pacifica, CA
Where do you currently live? San Francisco. Inner Richmond!
Favorite San Francisco restaurant? Bella Trattoria on Geary. Ask for David!
What inspires you? Making extraordinary ideas come to life. Creating magical, meaningful moments. Meeting beautiful, new people. Seeing my friends and good people succeed. My family!
What does ‘endeavors’ mean to you? It means pursuing your passion with your whole, full heart. It means striving for big dreams and making them real. It means faith. It means love. It means living every day like it’s your last, while doing something meaningful.

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