Anthony “Mogli” Maureal

Photographer / Videographer / Drummer


About Mogli

My name is Anthony Maureal, but I go by my nickname, “Mogli.” I was born in the Philippines, in an island-city called Cebu. As a young child I moved from Cebu to Seoul, South Korea to San Jose, California.

My passion for photography caught me by surprise. While traveling in Peru in 2013, I snapped a shot of the city of Cuzco with my iPhone·4s and decided to submit it to a photo contest on a whim. BAM! I won the contest and with the $1,000 prize money, I was able to buy my first DSLR camera. I’ve been shooting away ever since, and now work professionally as a photographer. I am also beginning to explore film and videography as well.

I’ve been working all over the San Francisco Bay Area as a Photographer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Music Producer, and Drummer. I released my first self-produced album, Frumosa in 2013. Aside from being a drum instructor in local schools, I also compose and produce music for film, dance, and theater. Two of my biggest project engagements have been performing with the award-winning band, MAD NOISE, and performing and producing music and soundtrack for the theater/band/film troupe, RADIX. I am also the RADIX photographer and a member of the film production crew.

Living in Oakland, CA and getting to work with both upcoming and seasoned artists in the San Francisco Bay Area have inspired me to grow in music and arts and encouraged me to learn and embrace different art forms in my travels. I’ve learned how to adapt, adjust, and appreciate everything around me. I’ve learned that art is a way of life and that it is healthy for the mind and soul. It can be created or destroyed and can sometimes unleash ecstasy. I am always trying to push my boundaries, learn more about myself, experiment in new ways, and use creativity to evolve as a person and artist.

Where were you born?  Cebu, Philippines
Where do you currently live? Oakland
Favorite San Francisco restaurant? Rintaro
What inspires you? Music, Films, Photographs, Travel, Artists, People’s passions and extreme sports.
What does ‘endeavors’ mean to you? Endeavors for me means to grow and be better at your craft everyday. Being humble, professional, doing what I love. Inspiring others to do great in our world to the end of time.

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